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First Home Buyer Opportunities in Newcastle

First Home Buyer Opportunities in Newcastle There are first home buyer opportunities in Newcastle and first home buyers in the greater Newcastle region have a generous selection of new and established properties to choose from. As with all first home buyers…......

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Refinance Home Loan for Medical Professionals

Refinance Home Loan for Medical Professionals These are possible circumstances Your partner or yourself has just recently qualified as a GP. You have an existing home loan that does not take advantage of the Medical Professionals Home Loan. You have just changed job...

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Granny Flats for Investors

How do you increase your return on investment with minimal capital outlay whilst adding significant value to your property? Is it possible, is it feasible and is it desirable?  Read on to find out how a Granny Flat in the backyard of your investment property may...

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Renovation Finance

How to Finance Your Renovations When planning a renovation of any scale the list of things to consider just seems to grow. Apart from the plans, specifications, materials, suppliers, builders and council approvals there is the need to consider the funding or in...

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First Home Buyers – Huntlee and Harvest Chisholm

Huntlee and Harvest Chisholm - Living the Dream We are constantly reading articles about home affordability and the impossible dream of being a First Home Buyer.  However thanks to the completion of major infrastructure projects and the opening of major sub divisions...

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