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Home Loan Calculators

Welcome to the suite of calculators we have selected for you to assist you with understanding some of the fundamentals of preparing for your mortgage.

The calculators are designed to provide you with a straight forward view of your borrowing potential, financial capacity and some mortgage options, which is a great starting point on your path to finding the right mortgage for you. Once you understand the numbers we will be in a great position to provide you with the expert advice to proceed with the best mortgage option for you.

You can freely use any of the calculators below based on how much information you have gathered to date, however if you need some guidance, please feel free to read on.

You will need at hand your regular income values, any existing repayments and a good understanding of your budget.

List of Calculators

Let’s get started with these Home Loan Calculators:
If you need help understanding your budget start with the Budget Planner, this tool will help you understand your existing financial commitments and how much spare cash you have at the end of each pay cycle to put towards a mortgage.

Once you are comfortable with your figures move to the Borrowing Power Calculator this calculator will help you understand your potential borrowing capacity based on industry standards, which you can alter on the second tab labelled “assumptions” to personalise the results.

The Loan Repayment Calculator will provide you with the standard repayments required for your loan value the Extra Repayment Calculator will demonstrate the power of making extra repayments as part of your regular pay cycle helping you understand the power of your income.

The remaining calculators provide you with a more detailed view of general finance questions specific to Stamp Duty, converting gross (pre tax) income to net income (after tax) to help you work out your budget figures and comparative loan calculators for further research.

Budget Planner

  • Make it work

Borrowing Power Calculator

  • How Much Can You Borrow ?

Loan Repayment Calculator

  • Calculate weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayments

Saving Calculator

  • Calculate Savings

Extra Repayment Calculator

  • See how much sooner you can pay off your loan

Loan Comparison Calculator

  • Are You Getting The Best Loan?

Stamp Duty Calculator

  • Calculate Stamp Duty Costs

Property Buying Cost Calculator

  • Calculate Property Buying Costs

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