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For most people the time consuming task of finding the right property at the right price is a challenge and an activity nobody wants to get wrong.

Here at Mortgage Partners Australia we are not property experts when it comes to identifying growth potential, investment hot spots or the best exit point for a particular market, however we do specialise in finance and finance strategies to ensure we place you in the best possible position to purchase your investment property and work with you to minimise the long term cost of that finance whilst ensuring the holding costs of your investment property are minimised and understood from the beginning.

Recognising the vast expertise and time required to research and understand investment property markets we have sought out the leading property research companies and formed a referral relationship.  This means we can guide you to the right people who specialise in the markets you are interested in. Changing a fingers crossed purchase to a sure fire success.

Our research partners specialise in identifying the growth areas, establishing relationships with developers and builders to maximise returns and secure opportunities for investors and owner occupiers in these areas.

Owner Occupiers I say? – Yes, why not access the great opportunities that savvy investors use to grow their wealth.  Jump on board and learn whether the areas of interest to you are aligned to the growth opportunities identified by our property partners.  With the knowledge that your property can be either owner occupied or become your investment property as your circumstances change and still provide you with realistic returns must be exciting.

How do we get started you ask?

The first investment is in you. Understanding your goals, financial position and borrowing capacity resulting in a thorough and dynamic portfolio analysis ready for property selection. Once completed we introduce you to the right property partners who will guide you through the selection process based on your criteria.  During the process we will continue to refresh your portfolio analysis therefore providing you with updated and accurate information to assist with the decision making process.

The end result, your investment property in the right place, the right market and performing for your wealth creation, or your first owner occupied property well position to take advantage of thorough research and positioning to meet your needs.

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